Greens, Greens, Greens: Week 2

Hi all, 

We are here at week two of your CSA. The field is filling up. This week, while one of us was off to a wedding in Tennessee, the other one of us built another caterpillar tunnel with the help of a friend. We have been pushing to get the tomatoes, eggplants and peppers in the ground. We are a week away from our first market so it is full steam ahead every day on the farm. We hope you all enjoyed your first boxes!


Heidi is back and ready to make you a fresh loaf of her delicious bread for your box each week. We are very excited to offer her delicious goods.  She makes the following with all Organic Flour

Large boules (1.5 pounds)
Just sourdough

Rosemary and Sea Salt Sourdough

Cumin, Turmeric, Garlic and Onion Sourdough,

Rye Sourdough with Caraway Seeds

Contact us to sign up for a weekly or bi-weekly share.

Weekly Share-$130 for 19 loaves  

Bi-weeky Share- $63 for 9 loaves 


Please remember to bring a tote or bag with you so that you can leave the bins behind for us to pick up.

This week in your box:















We probably couldn't be more excited about the fact that we are able to grow spinach this year. Our soil is low in a mineral that Spinach and beets love and adding it in organically is a little tricky but we seem to have managed and now ta da! Spinach! We are loving a spinach bacon hardboiled egg salad with a little drizzle of EVOO and balsamic vinegar. 

Have you ever tried salad turnips? Ours have amazing huge greens right now and they are completely edible. In the spirit of my recent trip some southern style turnip greens never disappoint. I can't get enough of this South Carolina style barbecue sauce while you are at it.  The turnips themselves can be eaten raw. They are great with hummus or on a veggie plate with cheese. 


Please remember to bring your own bag. Thank You! 

Tillamook: 1:30-4:30pm Food Roots 113 Main Ave, Tillamook, OR 97141

Rockaway: 10:30am-1:30pm SAI Design and Build  130 Hwy 101 N, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136

Wheeler: 11am-2:00pm Salmonberry Saloon  380 Marine Dr, Wheeler, OR 97131

Nehalem: 11:30am-2:30pm Deer Island Studio  35820 7TH ST, Box 224, Nehalem, OR 97131

Manzanita: 12-3:00 pm @ 760 Ironwood

Cannon Beach: 12:30-3:30 EVOO Cooking School 188 S Hemlock St, Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Seaside: 1-4pm  Osprey Cafe 5117, 2281 Beach Dr, Seaside, OR 97138


As always please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 

Week One of Our 2018 CSA is here!

Hi there members! 

Tuesday is our delivery day this year!

We hope you are as excited about the CSA starting as we are!

Our first harvest of the year is in and although it never goes exactly as we plan it is a beautiful haul. For the past months we have been busy planting and seeding and doing all of the things farmers do in spring time. Today was gorgeous and a nice shift into the harvest side of all that planning. After all, feeding the community is the best part of this gig we've chosen. 

On the farm front we are taking on slightly bigger projects than we have before. The pictures aren't quite as aesthetically beautiful as our dazzling blue kale or tender D'Avignon radishes but to your farmer's eyes nothing could be sweeter that the four foot trench allowing us to tap in to a better source of irrigation or the symmetrical semi halo of a newly installed caterpillar tunnel. We would be remiss if we did not introduce our newest farm member, we fondly refer to it as "Harry Potter" our paper pot transplanter. check out a video of one in action here.  This tool should help us get even more food in the ground and save our backs in the process. 






A couple of recipes to get you started:

Spring carrots are one of my favorite treats. We've been anxiously waiting for them to size up and these little guys are so crisp and tender and sweet. Try this simple fast recipe to enjoy them as a side. (psst-- if you don't have the lime and ginger they will still be delicious just with garlic and some S&P) 

For all new members, I promise to only make this suggestion once. If you don't already have one consider getting a mandoline, it will save you time and allows you to get super thin slices of things like your radishes this week that are ten minutes away from being fridge pickles or a lovely salad topping. 

A huge Thank You to you all! 

Kayleigh and Lily


Opening Week 2018 Coming Soon: May 22.

We are excited to be starting deliveries on Tuesday, May 22!

We ask that you bring a vessel with you to transport your goodies home. Please leave the bin at the drop site for us to pick up. We ask that you pick up your share within the allotted time so that our hosts can manage the storage of our totes until next pick up.

Additional Offerings

Returning members will remember that we trialed a weekly bread add-on and it was a hit!  We will be offering bread shares this year that will be either weekly or bi-weekly. Our baker is mid-move so we will have more details out soon regarding pricing and loaf types. 

We also offered  grass fed beef and lamb shares. These require a bit more coordination with a direct hand off at the drop site but we would like to offer them as well. If this is of interest to you please contact us so we can determine an interval that will work for everyone. 

Current Delivery schedule

Tillamook: 1:30-4pm Food Roots 113 Main Ave, Tillamook, OR 97141

Rockaway: 10:30am-1pm SAI Design and Build  130 Hwy 101 N, Rockaway Beach, OR 97136

Wheeler: 11am-1:30pm Salmonberry Saloon  380 Marine Dr, Wheeler, OR 97131

Nehalem: 11:30am-2pm Deer Island Studio  35820 7TH ST, Box 224, Nehalem, OR 97131

Manzanita: 12-2:30 pm @ 760 Ironwood:  Driving West on Laneda (towards the beach) turn right on 3rd, turn left on Ocean, turn right on Ironwood,  2nd house on right.  Green House, the boxes will be on the driveway.

Cannon Beach: 12:30-3 EVOO Cooking School 188 S Hemlock St, Cannon Beach, OR 97110

Seaside: 1-4pm  Osprey Cafe 5117, 2281 Beach Dr, Seaside, OR 97138


As always please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We are looking forward to the start of a great season! 

CSA Week 2

Week 2 of your CSA

week 2.jpg

This week the farm was a buzz with activity! We are so glad the weather has finally shifted and the plants are too. Please remember to bring a bag/container to take your veggies home. ***We decided to invest in better totes for bringing your vegetables to you. With that comes a little bit of anxiety as we really want to hold on to these totes because the investment should mean they last for years. So please help us out and bring your bags.  Thanks!!!***

 NEW OFFERING: Our very talented and dear friend Heidi makes amazing bread! We are working with her to bring it to you. She makes the following:


All Organic Flour

Large boules (1.5 pounds)
Just sourdough $6

Rosemary and Sea Salt Sourdough $6

Cumin, Turmeric, Garlic and Onion Sourdough $7

Rye Sourdough with Caraway Seeds $7

Here on the farm, as promised, squash is in the ground! Cucumbers on the other hand...maybe tomorrow. We are chugging along getting ready for the first farmers market and installing trellising for the tomatoes. The snap peas are flowering and the potatoes have been hilled, both happy signs of yum to come. 

We had a good week and hope you did too!

This week your box contains: 

Lacinato Kale- These dark green leaves are full of nutrition. It hasn't always been this popular but it has been grown for quite a while, back to the 1800's. Try a traditional recipe like minestrone or a new one like these kale chips

Salad Turnips- Our bed of Hammers are still going. Have you ever used a cheese grater for vegetables? It really makes topping your dinner salad a quick task. These will go great in the fermentation recipe to come. 

Radishes- Another kimchi ingredient!  Or try this taco recipe. It uses the greens and all!  Heads up this recipe calls for chipotles in adobo. It is cheap and available in the ethnic foods isle at most big  grocery stores. These add an awesome amount of unique flavor to your cooking. We keep a few jars on hand. (I also have a great tried and true enchilada sauce recipe with these.)

Chinese Cabbage- Have you ever tried fermenting? It is incredibly easy and the health benefits are huge. This is a nice step by step guide.

Carrots- If you can resist just snacking on these tender, sweet carrots we'll be impressed. You could always throw them in your kimchi. 

Scallions- Good to garnish most things, great in a dip. Or try this Chinese scallion pancake recipe

Parsley- This herb tastes like spring to us! goes great mixed in your salad or try Parsley Pesto. How about some chimichurri sauce for your next meal on the grill?

Salad Mix- We can't get enough of this crunch! Try a hamburger salad as an alternative to buns. I have a severe wheat allergy and the hamburger salad has become a favorite. 

Arugula- This tender green is great on its own with a little olive oil and balsamic, but it also does well to garnish tacos or mix it in with your salad mix. 


Full Shares also get:

Dill- Fresh herbs spice up just about any starch and a lot more. Mix in to mashed potatoes, rice, or sour cream to take things up a notch

Swiss chard- Our friend and volunteer, Kim, brought a swiss chard fritatta to share for lunch today. We recommend!

Broccoli- These little heads are tender and delicious raw, steamed or grilled. What's your favorite way?

That's a wrap! 

Week One of The CSA

IT is finally here!

Hello all, 

Ya hoo! We have veggies for you! We had a great overcast day getting the first harvest in and we are excited for you to taste the fruits of our labor. As always in the beginning of the season greens are the name of the game.  Please remember to bring a bag/container to take your veggies home.  Please gently break down your box and leave it at the drop spot.  We hope to make these boxes last all year long and they can be a little tricky to break down when they are new and stiff.  

The farm is filling in nicely. We installed two caterpillar tunnels to grow your tomatoes, peppers and eggplants in this year and we are already competing with some moles for territory in there. I guess the plants aren't the only ones who enjoy the additional heat and moisture. 

Cucumbers and squash should go out this week as long as we keep up with the weeding. Expect to see beets and carrots soon!

We appreciate you!

Kayleigh and Lily

This week you are getting the following: 


Radishes- These are great thinly sliced in salads, or quickled, wait what-led?! That's what we call quick pickles. Chop them up throw them in with some vinegar water and spices and you have a yummy salad topping or side dish with a little zing in no time. We are fond of them on tacos too.

Salad Turnips- These are an heirloom variety we are growing for the first time this year. They are called Des Vertus Marteau which translates to "Hammer of Virtue." They are mild and sweet. We like them on salads, sandwiches and in with the radishes in our ever rotating jar of pickled salad toppings. You can also cook them up in some butter like this

Red Russian Kale- Oh Kale, How I love thee. The first thing we ate off the farm this year and likely the last thing left at the end of the year. Kale's history is of it's hardiness in European winters and with the spring we had we were thankful for that history. Red Russian is actually a three way cross between an old European variety, Chinese Cabbage, and Black Mustard. Spring kale is so sweet and tender we have been stripping it off the ribs, thinly slicing and tossing with this caesar dressing we try to keep on hand. 

Rainbow Chard- All the colors! Rainbow chard is a delicious, tender and silky green that is great cooked up with lemon, garlic, and a little onion. Put it on top of a pizza, mix it in pasta, or mix it with bacon and hot sauce.

Scallions- Alliums are a long season crop, but scallions come quick and we love their mild bite. Thinly slice and top pastas, salads, or  throw them on the grill.

Dill- Herbs really brighten things up in the kitchen. Chop and sprinkle them into your salad or top your morning egg. 

Salad Mix- This year we are mixing 6 different varieties of lettuces to make our salad mix. Can you identify all 6? Here are a few tips for a good side salad. This Lemon Garlic Dijon is yummy. Try adding a little honey to this to send it to the next level. 

Chinese Cabbage- These fast maturing beauties make a lovely asian slaw or try this rice noodle salad. The leaves are also good dipped in hummus or as little wraps. 


Full Shares also get


Arugula- This is the first cut and it is so tender and mild. We can't stop eating it. It went on tacos tonight and it will go on an egg sandwich in the morning before I head off on delivery.

Spinach- This is Bloomsdale, an old favorite. Rich in so many minerals this dark green is great wilted into pastas, on pizza or thrown in a juice or smoothie. 

Baby Broccoli- These cuties were ready fast and little. We're glad we noticed them today. The leaves and florets are tender all the way through. Chop them up and mix in a stir fry alongside your chinese cabbage and turnips. Top with scallions. 


There you have it! We hope you enjoy! 


Lily takes it all in. Actually she is checking our makeshift sprinkler until our dripworks irrigation order arrives. 

Lily takes it all in. Actually she is checking our makeshift sprinkler until our dripworks irrigation order arrives. 

A Peek Into Our Pantry: 10 Ingredients We Always Reach For.

A Peek Into Our Pantry: 10 Ingredients We Always Reach For.

We're kicking off the blog with some of our kitchen go to items. We've been spending a lot of time in the kitchen these past couple months, since we've been home, crop planning and strategizing for the coming season. With the seasonal lull in fresh vegetables we've been challenged to get creative. I've realized there are a handful of ingredients I reach for regularly that make cooking so much easier and more flavorful if they are always on hand. So here they are!