CSA Week 2

Week 2 of your CSA

week 2.jpg

This week the farm was a buzz with activity! We are so glad the weather has finally shifted and the plants are too. Please remember to bring a bag/container to take your veggies home. ***We decided to invest in better totes for bringing your vegetables to you. With that comes a little bit of anxiety as we really want to hold on to these totes because the investment should mean they last for years. So please help us out and bring your bags.  Thanks!!!***

 NEW OFFERING: Our very talented and dear friend Heidi makes amazing bread! We are working with her to bring it to you. She makes the following:


All Organic Flour

Large boules (1.5 pounds)
Just sourdough $6

Rosemary and Sea Salt Sourdough $6

Cumin, Turmeric, Garlic and Onion Sourdough $7

Rye Sourdough with Caraway Seeds $7

Here on the farm, as promised, squash is in the ground! Cucumbers on the other hand...maybe tomorrow. We are chugging along getting ready for the first farmers market and installing trellising for the tomatoes. The snap peas are flowering and the potatoes have been hilled, both happy signs of yum to come. 

We had a good week and hope you did too!

This week your box contains: 

Lacinato Kale- These dark green leaves are full of nutrition. It hasn't always been this popular but it has been grown for quite a while, back to the 1800's. Try a traditional recipe like minestrone or a new one like these kale chips

Salad Turnips- Our bed of Hammers are still going. Have you ever used a cheese grater for vegetables? It really makes topping your dinner salad a quick task. These will go great in the fermentation recipe to come. 

Radishes- Another kimchi ingredient!  Or try this taco recipe. It uses the greens and all!  Heads up this recipe calls for chipotles in adobo. It is cheap and available in the ethnic foods isle at most big  grocery stores. These add an awesome amount of unique flavor to your cooking. We keep a few jars on hand. (I also have a great tried and true enchilada sauce recipe with these.)

Chinese Cabbage- Have you ever tried fermenting? It is incredibly easy and the health benefits are huge. This is a nice step by step guide.

Carrots- If you can resist just snacking on these tender, sweet carrots we'll be impressed. You could always throw them in your kimchi. 

Scallions- Good to garnish most things, great in a dip. Or try this Chinese scallion pancake recipe

Parsley- This herb tastes like spring to us! goes great mixed in your salad or try Parsley Pesto. How about some chimichurri sauce for your next meal on the grill?

Salad Mix- We can't get enough of this crunch! Try a hamburger salad as an alternative to buns. I have a severe wheat allergy and the hamburger salad has become a favorite. 

Arugula- This tender green is great on its own with a little olive oil and balsamic, but it also does well to garnish tacos or mix it in with your salad mix. 


Full Shares also get:

Dill- Fresh herbs spice up just about any starch and a lot more. Mix in to mashed potatoes, rice, or sour cream to take things up a notch

Swiss chard- Our friend and volunteer, Kim, brought a swiss chard fritatta to share for lunch today. We recommend!

Broccoli- These little heads are tender and delicious raw, steamed or grilled. What's your favorite way?

That's a wrap!