Week One of The CSA

IT is finally here!

Hello all, 

Ya hoo! We have veggies for you! We had a great overcast day getting the first harvest in and we are excited for you to taste the fruits of our labor. As always in the beginning of the season greens are the name of the game.  Please remember to bring a bag/container to take your veggies home.  Please gently break down your box and leave it at the drop spot.  We hope to make these boxes last all year long and they can be a little tricky to break down when they are new and stiff.  

The farm is filling in nicely. We installed two caterpillar tunnels to grow your tomatoes, peppers and eggplants in this year and we are already competing with some moles for territory in there. I guess the plants aren't the only ones who enjoy the additional heat and moisture. 

Cucumbers and squash should go out this week as long as we keep up with the weeding. Expect to see beets and carrots soon!

We appreciate you!

Kayleigh and Lily

This week you are getting the following: 


Radishes- These are great thinly sliced in salads, or quickled, wait what-led?! That's what we call quick pickles. Chop them up throw them in with some vinegar water and spices and you have a yummy salad topping or side dish with a little zing in no time. We are fond of them on tacos too.

Salad Turnips- These are an heirloom variety we are growing for the first time this year. They are called Des Vertus Marteau which translates to "Hammer of Virtue." They are mild and sweet. We like them on salads, sandwiches and in with the radishes in our ever rotating jar of pickled salad toppings. You can also cook them up in some butter like this

Red Russian Kale- Oh Kale, How I love thee. The first thing we ate off the farm this year and likely the last thing left at the end of the year. Kale's history is of it's hardiness in European winters and with the spring we had we were thankful for that history. Red Russian is actually a three way cross between an old European variety, Chinese Cabbage, and Black Mustard. Spring kale is so sweet and tender we have been stripping it off the ribs, thinly slicing and tossing with this caesar dressing we try to keep on hand. 

Rainbow Chard- All the colors! Rainbow chard is a delicious, tender and silky green that is great cooked up with lemon, garlic, and a little onion. Put it on top of a pizza, mix it in pasta, or mix it with bacon and hot sauce.

Scallions- Alliums are a long season crop, but scallions come quick and we love their mild bite. Thinly slice and top pastas, salads, or  throw them on the grill.

Dill- Herbs really brighten things up in the kitchen. Chop and sprinkle them into your salad or top your morning egg. 

Salad Mix- This year we are mixing 6 different varieties of lettuces to make our salad mix. Can you identify all 6? Here are a few tips for a good side salad. This Lemon Garlic Dijon is yummy. Try adding a little honey to this to send it to the next level. 

Chinese Cabbage- These fast maturing beauties make a lovely asian slaw or try this rice noodle salad. The leaves are also good dipped in hummus or as little wraps. 


Full Shares also get


Arugula- This is the first cut and it is so tender and mild. We can't stop eating it. It went on tacos tonight and it will go on an egg sandwich in the morning before I head off on delivery.

Spinach- This is Bloomsdale, an old favorite. Rich in so many minerals this dark green is great wilted into pastas, on pizza or thrown in a juice or smoothie. 

Baby Broccoli- These cuties were ready fast and little. We're glad we noticed them today. The leaves and florets are tender all the way through. Chop them up and mix in a stir fry alongside your chinese cabbage and turnips. Top with scallions. 


There you have it! We hope you enjoy! 


Lily takes it all in. Actually she is checking our makeshift sprinkler until our dripworks irrigation order arrives. 

Lily takes it all in. Actually she is checking our makeshift sprinkler until our dripworks irrigation order arrives.