What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a relationship between community members/customers and our small farm. 

Members buy vegetable "shares" at the beginning of the season.  A share is a weekly box of produce, delivered to a local drop spot from May through October OR prepaid credit at our farmers market booth in Manzanita.

Members commit to a whole season, allowing the farmer to offset early season costs such as seeds, amendments, etc. Members receive an abundance and variety of  nutritious vegetables over the course of the growing season.  

As a member, you take on some of the risk associated with farming, such as crop loss due to weather or pests, but also benefit when crops are overly abundant.  Last year our members received a 10-15% savings on their produce for the year. 

How does it work?








Our season runs for 22 weeks from May through October.  That means you'll receive a total of 22 boxes of fresh, nutritious produce from our farm, delivered weekly on Tuesdays to one of our drop spots: TillamookRockaway, Wheeler, Nehalem, Manzanita, Cannon Beach or Seaside. On farm pickup or Friday pick up at the Manzanita Farmers Market is available as well if drop-times do not work for you.

If you will be out of town for any portion of the season, that's no problem, you can have a friend or coworker pick up your box (please give them specific directions), or if you would like we can put your box on hold with advanced notice and you will receive credit to use at the farmers market.  

Want more flexibility? Try our market share option in the form of prepaid farm bucks redeemable at the Manzanita Farmers market June through September.  

What comes in the csa box?

The content of the box varies depending on the time of season. 

A sample spring box will include some combination of: spinach, pac choi, salad mix or head lettuce, radishes, salad turnips, carrots, beets, snap peas, spring onions, parsley, kale or swiss chard.

A sample summer box will include summer squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, broccoli or cauliflower, snap peas, carrots or beets, radishes, dill, kale or swiss chard, salad mix or head lettuce, onions, eggplant or potatoes.  

A sample fall box will include, carrots or beets, onions, potatoes, fennel, sweet peppers, hot peppers, salad mix or head lettuce, cherry tomatoes, parlsey, winter squash or turnips.  

What size is best for me?


What does it cost?

A full share will feed a family of 4 moderate vegetable eaters, or 2 vegetarians.  

A half share will feed a family of 2-3 moderate vegetable eaters or 1 vegetarian.  

Half shares: $25 a week for 22 weeks ($550)

Full shares: $40 a week for 22 weeks.  ($880)

Market Shares: sold in $100 increments 

The CSA model brings the most benefit to the farmer when members pay in one lump sum at the beginning of the year. We also offer a payment plan of 4 equal installments.