Farmer Lily  

Is the descendent of Swiss immigrant dairy farmers in Missouri, and Mennonite farmers in California. A third generation Angelino, and 6th generation Californian, she left her city roots to study Sociology and Gender Studies at the University of Connecticut.  A senior independent study sent her down the rabbit hole of industrial agriculture in the U.S.  In 2012, with a newly sparked interest in small scale agriculture, she started her WWOOFing (willing workers on organic farms) adventure in New Zealand.  After working on a small biodynamic farm for 2 months she was hooked. She returned to the states seeking out small, sustainable farms in rural Oregon.  She wound up at R-evolution Gardens where she fell in love with the small coastal community and a fellow WWOOFer... After spending two years with Kayleigh turning a 1/4 acre plot of family land in Los Angeles into a sustainable urban homestead and micro-farm, she decided officially the big city wasn't for her. She's been back on the coast farming since 2015.

FArmer Kayleigh 

was born with farming in the family. She grew up with summer visits to her grandparents 100+ year old dairy farm.  She continued her agricultural  interest when her family moved to Tennessee, working on a small diversified farm through high school. After getting a degree in Communication from the University of Colorado, Boulder she sought to continue learning about the connection between cultures and their food systems. What started as a six week WWOOFing trip in the spring of 2012, turned in to the next big adventure when Kayleigh and Lily met at R-Evolution Gardens. They fell in love with the area and stayed on at nearby farm Meadow Harvest. Now they are back at Meadow Harvest, after two years of managing R-Evolution Gardens, to follow their passion of small scale vegetable farming as Moon River Farm.